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Your daughter is #1 in your life. You can trust her Women's Health Connecticut gynecologist to care for her as much as you do. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) recommends that adolescent girls have an appointment to assess their gynecological health between the ages of 13 and 15. This allows your daughter to start building a strong, trusting relationship with her doctor or certified nurse midwife and to feel confident about her changing body. These early talk visits focus on information, prevention, and discussing women’s health issues, and often don't even include a pelvic exam.

Resources by our gynecology providers.

Our providers are the authority on adolescent gynecology in Connecticut, and they write articles and film videos to help you learn more about your care. Our Doc Talk resources are a great way to get to know top rated gynecologists from across the state.

Our Doc Talk resources cover what to expect at your first visit, fast facts on birth control, and commonly asked gynecology questions like “how should I wash my vagina?” If your daughter is embarrassed to start talking about her body, these resources are a great way to start a dialogue about growing into a healthy young woman.

Women’s health services for your daughter.

Your daughter will encounter many physical and emotional changes during her adolescent years. Whether she chooses to see a male or female gynecologist, her Women’s Health Connecticut provider can help her with several issues and topics:

  • Menstruation, PMS and heavy periods
  • Birth control and STI prevention
  • Healthy relationships