Obstetrical Patients From Outside CT

Every day, during this Coronavirus pandemic, we encounter pregnant women who have valid concerns about bringing their child safely into the world and with the best care possible. Pregnant women who are already in our Women's Health CT family will continue to be seen by our providers, with additional precautions and through the assistance of telephone-only appointments when possible.

We understand that there are out-of-state pregnant women, particularly from New York, who may be looking for alternative locations for delivery.  Our recommendation is this: if you are currently sheltering in New York, it is safest for you to stay the course with your ObGyn there. They will work with you on alternate delivery plans as needed.

However, if you have already migrated out of New York and are currently sheltering somewhere in Connecticut, we do have physicians who can and will help with your prenatal care and delivery - under certain guidelines that will need to be followed.

To determine if delivery by a WHC physician is right for you, and to help you identify a specific ObGyn provider for your needs, please send an email to: wedeliver@womenshealthct.com. When you do, we will call you to ask a few screener questions and then help you through your options.