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Our experienced physicians and clinical staff are focused on counseling, treating and caring for you – and helping you care for yourself – so that you can live the healthy life you aspire to. And, we know that sometimes your need will go beyond annual exams and routine care. At Women’s Health Connecticut, we’re trained to help you through any and all matters pertaining to your gynecologic and reproductive health – and, with some of our services like infertility and vasectomies, we even touch the reproductive health of your partner.

When we talk about our special Services, we’re sharing with you the things that we do that are beyond the daily and more common feminine topics about which you may have questions and concerns – and which are addressed in our Your Health section.

Specialty Services

When you have a more complex feminine health concern, condition or disease, it’s likely Women’s Health Connecticut can help.  Women’s Health Connecticut is at the forefront of medical technology and care – offering many in-office procedures as well as open, laparoscopic and robotic gynecologic surgical procedures – like hysterectomies and endometrial ablation. We also participate in select current clinical trials, for topics like birth control, sexual dysfunction and osteoporosis to help bring the latest therapies closer to you.

Here’s a brief explanation of the special Ob/Gyn services and procedures we offer:

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