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Alexis Bonner, APRN

Women's Health Care of Trumbull
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About Alexis Bonner

Alexis Bonner, NP attended Adelphi University where she received her Bachelor of Science in nursing. Soon after she attended Stony Brook University where she received her Master of Science in 2020 and became ANCC Board Certified in family health. 

Prior to working at Women’s Heath Care of Trumbull, Alexis worked as an APRN at an OBGYN office in Queens, NY for the past 3 years and at Northwell Hospital in New York as a nurse in the labor and delivery unit for multiple years before. Having experience working in various clinical settings has allowed her to remain knowledgeable on women’s health services including gynecological, prenatal, and postpartum treatments.

Alexis is looking to bring her 10+ years of skills and passion in nursing to Women’s Health Care of Trumbull to provide patients with high-quality healthcare by listening to patients’ concerns and providing them with information they need to make well-informed decisions about their health.

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