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Catherine Parisi, MSN, CNM

Danbury Midwifery Group
Offices in Danbury*
Speaks English

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About Catherine Parisi

Catherine “Cathy” Parisi has been a birthing professional for many years; first as a Labor and Delivery RN at Danbury Hospital and then as a certified midwife. In 1997, she became the first midwife to work at the Connecticut Childbirth & Women’s Center and has been credentialed at Danbury Hospital since that time as well.  She has been the midwifery director of the practice for over 25 years. Special interests include menopausal and teen care, birth control and family planning. Additionally, Cathy is an experienced colposcopist. 

Cathy comes from a long line of Danbury-born natives; her family settled here in the 1800’s. Cathy and her husband are the parents of three grown children and enjoy their several grandchildren as well.  In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, reading, hiking and cooking. She values family above all else and her very large extended family socializes together often.

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