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Jessica Cremin, MSN, CNM

Danbury Midwifery Group
Offices in Danbury*
Speaks English

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About Jessica Cremin

Jessica was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. She attended nursing school at the University of Vermont, all the while maintaining a specific interest in midwifery and its philosophy of care. While in nursing school she apprenticed with a home birth team, weaving the lessons she learned into her nursing care. After receiving her BSN, Jessica attended midwifery school at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN, where she gained experience providing midwifery care in rural settings, a busy freestanding birth center, and a major academic medical center. After graduating with her MSN, she moved to Connecticut to join the Danbury Midwifery Group. She recently re-enrolled at Vanderbilt for their Doctorate of Nursing Practice program and is expected to receive her doctoral degree in 2025. 

In addition to her commitment to the midwifery philosophy of care, Jessica has several interests including pelvic floor disorders and PCOS. She is a member of ACNM and the Imeinu Collective. 

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