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Cody Cuni, IBCLC

OBGYN and Midwifery of Connecticut
Offices in Manchester, Manchester, Colchester & Mansfield Center*
Speaks English

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About Cody Cuni

My name is Cody Cuni. I am a wife and mother to 5 children ranging from preschool to teenager. When I am not chasing them or making large meals, I am a lactation consultant. My passion for supporting families began with the connection I found as a peer breastfeeding counselor. The desire to provide the best support fueled my lactation education. I deepened my understanding by taking courses in public health, women's health, and infant development. I believe each parent is the expert on their baby. My goal is to provide tools to support each unique family. I like to relax with a book or in my garden.

What to bring to your lactation consult:

  • Your baby – Please feed your baby as you would normally; a hungry cranky baby is not going to be eager or patient to latch.
  • Any breastfeeding supports you are using – for example a nipple shield or SNS
  • Expressed breastmilk or formula and the bottles you use at home if you are supplementing baby
  • Your breast pump if you are pumping or would like a flange fitting/pumping education
  • Partners are always welcome at appointments

Optional but helpful:

  • Your feeding and diaper log for the past 24 hours.
  • If you are pumping, times and amounts of pump sessions. 

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