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Polly Moran, CNM

S.H.E. Medical Associates
Offices in Hartford, Avon, Enfield & South Windsor*
Speaks English & Spanish

Patient Satisfaction Ratings

  • Bedside Manner 4.9
  • Medical Support Team 4.9
  • Care and Concern 4.9
  • Educated Me 4.9

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*Provider may not practice at all locations.

About Polly Moran

Polly Moran, CNM, has long been interested in Women’s Health. She received her Masters of Science in Nursing and Midwifery from Yale University in 1992. She then worked as a full scope nurse-midwife in Bristol, Connecticut for two decades before moving to Honduras, Central America. There, Polly was Coordinator of Rural Projects responsible for development, implementation, and monitoring of 22 remote villages between 2006 and 2010. She trained local health care volunteers in community health and worked on Honduran government sponsored commissions such as Integrated Maternal, Neonatal and Child Community Health, and the Family Planning Initiative. She joined S.H.E. Medical Associates, a Women's Health Connecticut practice, in 2010.

Polly has been very active in the American College of Nurse-Midwives Affiliate as Secretary for two years, President for four years, and she is now the legislative liaison for the Connecticut Affiliate working with the Connecticut legislature on issues that effect women and their families. She is President of the Foundation Board of NARAL-CT Pro-Choice America.

Polly is fluent in Spanish.

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"Polly Moran, CNM, was absolutely wonderful. I would recommend her to anyone who needed a kind, thoughtful, and attentive practitioner."
"Polly Moran, CNM, is very thorough and professional."
"Polly Moran, CNM, and her assistant were extremely pleasant and both seemed to care about what I was telling them. The were a great team and I have already recommended to a family member."

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