Lactation Support

Several Women's Health Connecticut locations have a lactation counselor or consultant on staff to assist new mothers as they begin to breastfeed. These professionals have received training and certification in breastfeeding and human lactation support and provide counseling, offer corrective interventions, and compassionately assist mothers in achieving their breastfeeding goals even in special circumstances.

Women’s Health Connecticut is also proud to partner with Nest Collaborative, pioneer of the first national network of lactation consultants available to mom for same-day online video visits. Through Nest, moms can get help immediately--with their large network of providers and a web-based scheduling platform, there’s always an appointment available for a mom in need within hours. Even better, Nest can uniquely promise to over 90% of moms that she can get the help she needs with no out-of-pocket expense, and most insurance companies, including HUSKY and MassHealth Medicaid, will cover breast pumps and milk storage bags. Check with your individual insurance company.

For more information, visit or talk to your Women's Health Connecticut provider about breastfeeding resources.

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