Dr. Matthew Saidel Speaks About Miscarriages on Local WNPR Show

Women’s Health Connecticut Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Matthew Saidel sat down with WNPR’s Lucy Nalpathanchil, host of the Where We Live radio talk show, to discuss the societal stigma surrounding miscarriage. Dr. Saidel spoke about why miscarriages happen, how common they are, the opportunity for attempting pregnancy following a loss, and the ways that your physician can be there for you to offer resources and support during such a difficult time.

He also spoke with call-in guests about their experiences with miscarriage and the importance of grieving and seeking additional professional support if prolonged depression is experienced. Dr. Saidel was also accompanied by Dr. Lisa Hanasono, Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Bowling Green State University and Amber Smiley, Program Manager for Hope After Loss, a community for individuals that have experienced the loss of a baby.

Listen to the episode here.