Women's Health Connecticut Issues Statement on Roe v. Wade

June 1, 2022

Women’s Health Connecticut is comprised of hundreds of clinicians, from across the states of Connecticut and Massachusetts, providing obstetrical and gynecological services to hundreds of thousands of patients each year, with the full spectrum of reproductive health being an essential component of our care. The recently leaked draft of the Supreme Court decision, which would reverse Roe v. Wade, has troubling ramifications for millions of women and their families.

As reproductive healthcare providers, we know that forcing women to continue an unwanted and possibly harmful pregnancy not only ignores their own autonomy, but also increases risks for medical, mental health, psychosocial, and economic harm, and has a greater risk of maternal death than pregnancy termination. Providing counseling and support to our patients about reproductive options includes contraception, family planning, and evidence-based, safe, and indicated abortion care.

Making healthcare decisions is a private matter between a patient and their provider. These decisions are deeply personal, and we feel privileged that our patients trust us to help them navigate this complex and often stressful process.

The following physicians, nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, physician assistants, staff and leadership of Women’s Health Connecticut stand with the majority of Americans who support the firmly established privacy right of people to control their own reproductive health.  We support a woman’s fundamental right to control her reproductive health and oppose the dismantling of Roe v. Wade.


Matthew Saidel, MD, Chief Medical Officer Gail Furlani, Practice Manager Jessica Nunez, RMA, Administrative Coordinator
Nancy Bernstein, President & CEO Stephanie Garozzo, MD Sandra Nute-Aupi, PA
Richard Ruben, MD & Chairman of the Board Marie Genova, Practice Manager Heidi Nuzzo, CBO Application Support
Victoria Biondi, MD & Board Member Ariella Gil, LPN Stephanie Olivier, PA-C
Keith J. Falter II, MD, FACOG, Med. Dir. & Board Member Robert Gildersleeve, MD Aziza Omrani, MD
Daniel Goldstein, MD & Board Member Tracey Gilhuly, APRN Michael O'Reilly, MD
Pierre Hage, MD & Treasurer of the Board Patrice Gillotti, MD Robin Oremland, Manager, Clinical Programs
Yanna Karabatsos, MD & Board Member Briana Goldblatt, Administrative Project Coordinator Evelyn Ortiz, CMA
Wendy Latshaw, MD & Board Member Holly Gonyea, Medical Receptionist Christa Palancia Esposito, DNP, MSN, CNM
Frederick Rau, MD & Board Member Casandra Gonzalez, Reception Supervisor Carol S. Papov, MD
Daniel Welling, MD, Medical Director & Board Member Ellen Gosselin, RMA, Clinical Director Yelena Paranyuk, MD
Roxanne Abder, MD, MPH Jennifer Grant, MD Kristan Parra, LPN, Nurse Coordinator
Christina Acocella, MD Catherine Graziani, DO Melissa M. Pearlstone, MD, FACOG
Lisa Adams, LPN

Meg Green, Practice Administrator

Paula Greenberg, Executive Vice President & COO

Assunta M. Peirce, Administrative Assistant, Mammography
Heidi Ahearn, CMA Claudia Grogean, MD Lindley Perez, Medical Receptionist
Jennifer Ahimsa, CNM Dagmar Guard, Senior Payroll Specialist Mikaela Perrelli, PA-C
Deena Allen, Surgical Coordinator Lesley Gumbs, MD Liliana Pesce, Practice Administrator
Pamela Araujo, Receptionist Carla Rae Gunn, MD Jill M. Peters-Gee, MD
Angela Arnone, Administrative Assistant Abigail Gurall, MD Shannon C. Peterson, DO
Kim Aquino, Executive Director Dorien Gustave, RMA Anna-Lee Pflomm, RDMS, RVT
Sviatlana Audzeichyk, Medical Assistant Lisa Hallock, Nurse Supervisor Christina Pietrzak, RT (R)(M), Mammography Technologist
Kyle Baker, MD Brittany Hannon, PA Amber Pinckert, RMA, Office Manager
Robin Baldwin, RN, BSN Melissa K. Harris, Practice Manager Samantha Pinette, Medical Assistant/Receptionist
Suzanne Barton, CNM Nancy Healy, Medical Biller Alexis Poole, Ultrasound Technologist
Samantha Battista, Medical Assistant Marjan Hedayatzadeh, MD Joanne Powell, Nurse
Wendy Bayona, Receptionist Veronica Helgans, MD Elizabeth Pregano, RN, Practice Manager
Jamie Beers Campbell, Practice Administrator Kathryn A. Helstrom, Medical Scheduler Celeste Prisco, Medical Assistant/Phone Nurse Assistant
Saika Belony Kerrie Henry, MD Emily Quesada, Medical Administrative Specialist
Nancy Benitez, Medical Records Associate Leta Hosier, Receptionist/Coder Zulma Quinones, Coder/Receptionist
Jamie Benway, MD Twila Houle, RMA Michelle Rajaniemi, RDMS
Elisa M. Benzoni, DO Joanne Howard, Medical Receptionist Crystal Rasmus, Team Lead, Posting Resolution Specialist
Randy D. Berke, MD Lauren M. Hughes, Medical Assistant/Receptionist Abigail Raucci, Medical Administrative Specialist
Eleanor A. Berry, MD Lauren Hughes, Medical Assistant/Receptionist Taylor Ray, Charge Entry Team Lead, Insurance Collector
Gary Besser, MD Briana Huguenel, MD Amy Raymond, RDMS
Jamie L. Block, Asst. Dir., EHR Application & Implementation Kadie Ireland, Billing and Coding Supervisor Adine Regan, MD
Catherine Bolivar, RDMS Lacey Irons, Ultrasonographer Michelle Rinaldi, RMA
Kenneth T. Borkowski, DO Sally Irons, MD Alison Rivera, CBO Insurance Collector for PPSNE
Sarah Bovarnick, RN, BSN, CLC, Clinical Supervisor Lee Jacobs, MD Kelsey Rodriguez, Medical Assistant
Christine Bracken, MSN, RN, IBCLC, CCM, Clin. Quality Perf. Meghan Janczar, Director of Delegated Credentialing Jessica Rodriguez, Practice Manager
Nicole Braver, Medical Assistant Marilyn Japaz, Financial Systems Support Amni Romero Jacobo, Medical Assistant
LaShan Brown, Practice Manager Joanna Jaszczur, Medical Assistant Emily Rosenbush, MD
Christina Brown, Receptionist Marlaine Jean-Miller, MD, FACOG Alyssa Rosso, PA-C
Gloria Buchannan, RMA Amy Johnson, Medical Assistant Amanda B. Rostkowski, MD, PhD
Glendaly Burgos, Collections Supervisor Jenna L. Jones, Receptionist Gerard Roy, MD
Diane Cameron, LPN, Triage Nurse Velda Jones, Medical Assistant Chelsey P. Russ, MD
Bonnie Campbell, DO Shannon Jones, RN, BSN Pamela Saccol, Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
Caroline Carlson, AVP & West Division Controller Cynthia Joslyn, CNM Ines Sanchez, Scheduler
Heidi Cartier, Medical Receptionist John C. Kaczmarek, MD Candice Sandiago, Clinical Manager
Michelle Carvalho, RT, Mammography Bridgette M. Kearns, RN Tami Santucci, Brand Director
Patricia Cavanaugh, CNM, WHNP-BC Lizabeth Keene, Precertification Specialist Nicole Sanville, Senior Accountant
Keishla Chacon, RMA Kirsten Kibler, MD Wendy Schibi, CPC, Coding Specialist
Don Chadwick, Data Services Manager Yalina King, Ultrasonographer Michael Schrempf, MD
JoAnn Champlin, Medical Assistant Chera Kirker, Medical Assistant Lizmarie Schryer, Medical Assistant
Amy Chang, MD Dariusz Kozlowski, MD William E. Schweizer III, MD, MPH
Marianne Chapman, Nurse Peggy Ku, DO, FACOG Hannah Shakartzi, MD
Nicole Charest, RMA Odin Kuiper, MD Candice Shea, MD
Leah Chiaravalloti, RMA Ellen Lamb, MD Lisa Sherako, RTR, RDMS
Ashley Christensen, DO Stephanie Latuga, RMA Molly M. Shipman, DO
Tina Chu, Medical Assistant Michael Lavallee, DO Ashley Siberon, LPN
Jean Chumsantivut, RMA, Clinical Manager Kathleena Lawton-Greening, Medical Receptionist Amanda Silberman, RMA, Administrative Coordinator
Stephanie Chung, MD Sophine H. Lever, Surgical Scheduler Vanessa Simao, Medical Receptionist
Tishan Ciriano, Medical Assistant Jonathan L. Levine, MD Merryll Simon, RN
Corrine Colangelo, Receptionist/Front Desk Associate Iyanna Liles, MD Meghan M. Slemmens, MD
Lindsay Collins, CNM, DNP Patricia A. Loughman, Senior Biller & Billing Manager Mary Ann Sposi, Clinical Staff
Felice D. Colliton, MD Candice Lovato, MD Helena Squicciarini, DO
Christopher Conlan, MD Kristen Lowchy, Receptionist Elliot Steadman, Practice Manager
Amanda Corcoran, CNM Kayla Lugo, Medical Assistant Ursula Steadman, MD
Jennifer Cruz, RMA Carmelina Luongo, MD Leslie Stedman, SVP
Stefanie Cruz Casillas, Medical Receptionist Janna S. Lyon, MHA, Practice Manager Kelley Sturrock, MD
Suzanne Culbert, LPN Kristine Macomber, MD Elizabeth Suarez, Billing Supervisor
Suzanne Culbert, Nurse Kristie Maestrini, MBA, Manager, CBO Applications Support Shivanna Subramani-Gonzalez, DNP
Kelly-Jane D'Aprile Kelly, Manager, Business Services Lakshmi Magavi, MD Kathryn Sullivan Cusack, LPN
Leah Darak, MD Skyler Magnoli, Senior Marketing Specialist Ryan Summerall, MD
Bhavana Daruvuri, DO Meghan Malentacchi, MD Michelle Sutton, Clinical Receptionist
Radhika Datar, MD John D. Manning, MD Magdalena Szutowska, DO
Whitney Davis, Medical Biller Jennifer Marshall, MD Alena Taylor, DNP, APRN, FNP-C
Patricia K. Dellaripa, RDMS Yvette Martas, MD Corey Teagarden, DO
Heidi Dennis, Medical Assistant Edda Martinez Tuyen Tierpack, Nurse Manager
Laura DeVita, MD Barbara Masi, Practice Manager Marina Torbey, MD, FACOG
Cristina Dinicu, MD Stefanie Matthews, Revenue Cycle Relationship Manager Christina Toro, Practice Manager
Sandra DiRoberto, Medical Scheduler Ava May, LPN, Triage Nurse Ana Troiano, Medical Records Clerk
Amanda DiSanto, Ultrasonographer Keri McCourt, RMA Helen Trymbulak, MD
Thyessia Downs, Assistant Manager Marylou McDunnah, Financial Manager Lauren Valentin, Sonographer
Doreen Dudzikowski, Practice Manager Melissa McFadden, Practice Manager Jaime Valentine, Sonographer
Emely Dyer, Medical Assistant Iustina McNeely, MHA, Practice Manager Heather VanNostrand, Medical Assistant
Virginie Eklund, CNM Jessica Mieko Plassmann, Billing Clerk Alyssa Vega, Medical Assistant
Maria Ellis, MD Amanda Miklus, RDMS Valerie Vieira, Director, Shared Services
Shelley-Ann Erving, LPN, Surgical Scheduler Gloria Miller, Receptionist Beverly Wallace Hammond, VP, Data Strategies
Patricia Fagan, MD Emily Mills, MD, FACOG Natalie Webb, MD
Mary Farwell, MD Megan K. Monteiro, APRN Natalie Webster, Billing Coordinator
Daria Fay, Practice Manager Polly Moran, CNM David B Weinstein, MD
Vito Ferrucci, MD Kelsey Morrissey, Medical Assistant Stephanie Welsh, CNM, DNP
Leonard Ferrucci, MD Melissa Murphy, RMA Jennifer West, APRN
Mary Luisa Ferrucci, Practice Manager Julie Nadeau, CMA, OR Surgery Scheduler Jillian M. Whitney, Senior EHR Application Specialist
Emily Fine, MD Sarah Najamy, CNM Janet Wilson, RT (R)(M), Lead Mammographer
Cindy Flanagan, Administrative Assistant Rachel B Nelson, MD Leah Wilson, MD
Delia Foran, APRN Melanie Nesprido, APRN Sarah Winter, PA-C
Tiffany Forti, MD, MPH Linda J. Newman, Chief Operating Officer Carrie Wolf, CNM
Juliana Foster, Assistant Practice Manager Jessica Nivison, CNM Ashley Young, MD
Jonathan Foster, MD Ashley Novakowski, Managed Care Specialist Shoshana Zax, CNM