A Statement From Women's Health Connecticut

Devoted to Women

We, the physicians, collaborative providers, staff, and leadership of Women’s Health Connecticut, stand in support of  Black Americans – and every woman - who faces injustice and potential harm each day.

We see the systemic racism towards people of color and are horrified and profoundly saddened by these most recent acts of violence, and by the long and undisputable history of prejudgment that precedes them.

It has been our mission, training, passion, and responsibility to care for each and every patient, regardless of color, culture or circumstance and we will continue to do so.   While we don’t condone violence, we can’t be surprised by the anger that has arisen these last few weeks.  And, we can hope – we will work - for better days.

We will not tolerate these racial injustices and we support the need for immediate reforms. To the women of Connecticut, we vow that we will be active in this conversation and we will use our influence to speak up for you and for your children, now and every day – until the world is a safer and more sympathetic place.

Thank you.