Doc Talk: How to Talk to Your Partner About Getting a Vasectomy

Some women may not consider their partner’s vasectomy as part of their health, but vasectomies directly affect women’s reproductive health. If you and your partner are done having children or do not wish to become parents, a vasectomy can be an ideal solution. However, approaching the subject of a vasectomy with your partner can be a touchy subject. Many men have immediate concerns about the procedure itself and how it will affect them in the long run. We enlisted the help of Dr. Scott Matson of Vasectomy and Male Infertility Center to help women best approach this conversation with their partner. Dr. Matson is a highly skilled urologic surgeon, who has done over 7,000 vasectomies and specializes in the “no-needle” anesthesia and the “no-scalpel” vasectomy approach that makes the procedure painless and quick.

  1. Get the Facts

Commonly, women feel responsible for their family’s birth control. However, at age 40, it's not always recommended for a woman to stay on hormonal birth control, so many couples start looking for other long-term solutions. Women can have a tubal ligation, but a vasectomy for the male partner is cheaper, safer medically speaking, and more effective than tubal ligation. Empowering yourself with information will better help you navigate your partner’s potential concerns.

  1. Set a Time

Springing a big conversation on your partner, especially one that involves a vasectomy, is never a good idea. Set aside time with your partner where you are both able to talk out all of your options, concerns, and feelings. Also, ask them to do their own research ahead of time, this way they can come into the conversation prepared and ready to talk.

  1. Don’t Get Discouraged

If your partner is not receptive to the conversation, don’t get discouraged, these decisions take time. To avoid any heated exchanges, it is best to be mindful of your partner’s feelings. If they disagree with the idea, the discussion can always be revisited at another time, but the groundwork has been laid for future discussions.

  1. Enlist Outside Help

If your partner is on the fence about getting a vasectomy, don’t hesitate to talk to men who have had them, or ask for a consultation with a urologic surgeon. Dr. Matson meets with every patient ahead of time to learn their story and hear their concerns. Often, they bring their partners who might have different concerns or thoughts and there’s plenty of time for both people to ask questions.

When you and your partner are ready to take the next step, learn more about Dr. Matson and set up an appointment for a consultation, here.

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